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Relief Orthotics manufacture a wide range of bespoke orthoses. Please use our contact form to enquire if we are able to meet your requirements

Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO)

To ensure an exact fit AFO's are normally vacuum formed in various materials from either plaster casts or 3D scanned images. They are worn by many children and adults with cerebral palsy to maintain the foot in an optimal position to provide a stable base that facilitates good mobility or in some cases to control or prevent contractures. These devices are also used by adults as part of their rehabilitation from stroke and for drop foot caused by other conditions such as nerve damage or multiple sclerosis. Additional features can include carbon fibre inserts to control flexibility, ankle joints and transfers to enhance the appearance

Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthoses (DAFO)

DAFO's employ design concepts that differ significantly from those of conventional orthoses. They employ a number of neurological features, are more flexible and fit more intimately against the contours of the foot. The flexible wrap-around design holds the brace securely around the foot and ankle thereby providing maximum control and comfort. A range of styles provide various levels of flexibility in different areas of the brace. For example, the Orthotist can choose a design which allows specific muscle groups that are well controlled by the patient to remain active, while giving an appropriate level of control or support to the muscles that require assistance. The appearance can also be enhanced with the addition of transfers

Spinal Bracing

There are several different applications for spinal bracing in orthotics. They can provide correction for example in the treatment of scoliosis, support in spinal injury or as a  support to help in maintaining posture. Spinal braces will normally either be a rigid plastic brace, restricting movement completely in one or all areas of the spine, or a soft brace which simply adds extra support and can help to reduce pain in an affected area. They can be made using a measurement matrix form, from plaster casts or scans. Please see Structure Sensor for more scanning information. To enhance the appearance you can also add transfer patterns